Championing healthier global diets

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious. There has been a worldwide paradigm shift in the way we view our health and the health of our planet. This has caused us to relook at our food options and adopt more plant-based diets, which in most cases, prove better for the environment and healthier for us.

Palm oil has a role to play in healthier global diets and that’s where our role has been significant. We have been championing healthier global diets since 2015 after we opened our state-of-the-art Marunda Research and Development (R&D) Centre. Our first lab dedicated to studying fats and oils in Indonesia was ISO 17025 accredited, which meant competence, impartiality and consistency in operation, on our part.

Our investment in our R&D capacity has allowed us to support the development of new, innovative food products for customers across the food industry. All are made with high quality, responsibly produced palm oil ingredients. The result? More nutritious food products for consumers.

food innovation

Creating better food options for all consumers


Our R&D team combines technology, process innovation, and expert knowledge to create solutions for customers across the food industry, allowing them to deliver cost-effective and delicious food products for end consumers.

From chocolates to ice-cream, the Marunda R&D Centre allows us to develop plant-based healthier versions of your favourite snack foods effectively. This makes us the perfect partner for food producers looking to develop dairy-free chocolate bars or trans-fat free whipped cream.

Our food R&D services can take your product from pilot to packaging, helping you to create new and better food products. Our dedication to innovation has also created healthier and sustainable food options for health conscious and conscientious consumers.

We operate two other state-of-the-art institutes dedicated to R&D.

SMART Biotechnology Centre

Better planting materials through R&D

SMART Research Institute (SMARTRI)

Better plantation stewardship through R&D