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We are currently making improvements to our procurement processes. We are transitioning from standard Purchase Orders (PO) to electronic Purchase Orders (e-PO). We are also standardising our e-PO and Request For Quotation (RFQ) layouts across all business units.

Description Available documents for download
Example of the new e-PO layout pdf_download
8 key points during supplier's invoice submission pdf_download
Invoicing Procedures and Requirements – Vendor Non Project pdf_download
Invoicing Procedures and Requirements – Vendor Project pdf_download
Bonded Area Taxation Procedures and Requirements (Indonesia only) pdf_download
Goods and Services Delivery Procedures and Regulations (including safety rules) for Downstream Refineries pdf_download

For further inquiries regarding invoices and taxes, contact us at

To report unethical behavior or policy violations within the procurement processes, please email
tellus@sinarmas-agri.com. The identity of the informer will be kept confidential.