At the forefront of industry best practices

Industry certification is part of PT SMART Tbk’s (SMART’s) ongoing commitment to responsible palm oil production. We work closely with nationally and internationally recognised sustainable palm oil certification bodies to set benchmarks against our operations and implement these standards. These measures ensure we remain at the forefront of industry best practices while allowing us to meet the growing demand for certified sustainable palm oil.

PT SMART Tbk (SMART) together with our parent company, Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), has pioneered and adopted policies that involve reducing deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, and demonstrating respect for indigenous and local communities. We have been accredited by the following sustainable palm oil standard systems for these efforts.
Click to learn more about each certification standard. RSPO, ISCC, ISPO.

Providing certified sustainable palm oil

Together with GAR, we are making continuous progress on our sustainability certification and encourages all our suppliers to achieve sustainable palm oil certification as well. Below is a summary of the volumes of certified sustainable palm oil being supplied to our refineries.

Pemasok di tahun 2020 Pemasok di tahun 2020 Pemasok di tahun 2020
Unit % Volume (ton) % Unit % Volume (ton) % Unit % Volume (ton) %
Bersertifikat 220 52% 4.339.527,59 63% 120 28% 2.844.523,40 41% 61 14% 2.044.512,21 30%
Tidak bersertifikat 205 48% 2.538.292,73 37% 305 72% 4.033.296,91 59% 364 86% 4.833.308,10 70%
Total 425 100% 6.877.820,31 100% 425 100% 6.877.820,31 100% 425 100% 6.877.820,31 100%