Tzu Chi Foundation

tzuchi-logoTzu Chi is one of the two large Buddhist organisations in Taiwan. Whereas many Buddhist societies focus on personal enlightenment and meditation, Tzu Chi focuses on community service and outreach (especially medical, educational, and disaster relief). Tzu Chi conducts its mission via an international network of volunteers.

The volunteer-led non-profit charitable organisation strives to ease suffering on Earth by inspiring a worldwide network of volunteers to provide spiritual support and humanitarian services to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender.

Tzu Chi Foundation aims to provide services in four major areas:

  1. foundation_tzuchi_picCharitable Services (including emergency disaster relief, emotional & financial support for people/families in need.)
  2. Medical Services (providing medical services to the underprivileged.)
  3. Educational Services (actively supporting educational programs in the communities.)
  4. Cultural Services (through periodicals and television programs, actively encouraging cross-cultural understanding, and teaching compassion for all.)

In addition to the four major service areas, Tzu Chi is also concerned with Environmental Protection, International Relief, Bone Marrow Registry (as well as blood and organ donation registry), and Community Volunteerism.

SMART has operated in Indonesia for more than 40 years. Our commitment to the country has created a strong bond with our customers as well as our employees and business partners. In addition to improving the lives of millions of Indonesians through our products, we have contributed by performing numerous humanitarian works. Such activities have been made possible by the support of our employees and the Indonesia Tzu Chi Foundation. Since 1998, the Company has distributed rice directly to many communities in locations including Jakarta and Greater Jakarta, Sumatera, Java, Makassar and Nusa Tenggara Timur. More than one thousand SMART employees are actively involved in this rice distribution.

When a devastating tsunami hit Aceh in December 2004, SMART employees voluntarily donated their own cash and collected further donations in shopping centres every weekend in January and February 2005. A number of our employees also flew to Aceh, Nias and Simeulue to personally deliver the donations and to build houses for the victims.

We invite all employees to participate in humanitarian activities. Almost 90% of SMART’ employees have contributed in various ways, including monthly donations. Assistance rendered by the company includes medical and educational aid. For example, with the support of Tzu Chi International Medical Association, we have provided treatment for patients with harelip, hydrocephalus, hernia, cataracts and other physical problems.

In the vicinity of our operations, we support the cause of education by cleaning and painting school buildings, donating books, providing Management Based School Training and training the teachers.