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We produces biofuel from responsibly sourced crude palm oil (CPO) and operate two biofuel plants – one near Jakarta and another in South Kalimantan – that produce over 1,050,000 tonnes of high quality biofuel per annum.The two biofuel plants are strategically located to ensure an integrated and efficient operation. They are located close to our downstream operations, ensuring a steady supply of raw materials as well as a seamless access of feedstock at the production line. The plants are also located near a dedicated jetty, ensuring easy distribution of biofuel to the domestic and international markets.

Our technical experts focus on stringent quality control in the production processes and are supported by a dedicated biofuel laboratory that ensures a high fuel purity and a consistent product quality.

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What makes our palm-derived biofuel the better choice?


Sustainably produced palm oil plays a key role in the production of biofuel and the fight against climate change. Here’s why?

Biofuel is made from renewable sources, unlike conventional diesel which is made from fossil fuels.


Biofuel releases only one-fourth the amount of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) as compared to what conventional diesel releases, making the former an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.


Oil palms have the highest yield, by far, compared to other sources of biofuel such as soybean and canola, making palm oil the most economical feedstock for biofuel.

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The Government of Indonesia implemented the B30 biodiesel/biofuel mandate (ensuring 30 percent palm oil and 70 percent diesel) in 2020, causing a spike in the demand for palm oil, domestically. Many other countries have also recognised the benefits of biofuel and have followed suit.

Renewable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective – our palm-derived biofuel, is truly the fuel of today and the future.

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