Dividend Policy

Under the Company’s policy for dividend distribution, the following factors are taken into consideration in determining the amount of dividends:

  • results of operations, cash flows and financial position;
  • industry prospects and capital expenditure plan;
  • schedule of debt repayment;
  • dividend received from subsidiaries; and
  • other factors deemed relevant by the Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners and our shareholders.

Dividend History

Type of DividendDistributionAmount per Share (Rp)
Dividend for FY 2020July 2021160
Dividend for FY 2019--
Dividend for FY 2018July 2019750
Dividend for FY 2017July 201830
Dividend for FY 2016June 201725
Dividend for FY 2015--
Dividend for FY 2014Jul 201510
Dividend for FY 2013Aug 20145
Dividend for FY 2012Aug 20131,200
Dividend for FY 2011Jul 2012200
Dividend for FY 2010Jul 2011150
Dividend for FY 2009Jul 201075
Dividend for FY 2008Jul 2009180
Dividend for FY 2007Jun 20085
Dividend for FY 2006Jun 200746
Stock split (1 to 5 shares) was effective in May 2005
Bonus shares (18 for 100 shares) was effective in January 2001
Share dividends (1 for 5 shares) was effective in July 1997
Share dividends (2 for 5 shares) was effective in May 1994

Note: The dividend amount per share is the actual amount paid per share. No adjustments were made for stock split, bonus shares and share dividends, but they are shown for clarification.