Our Vision, Mission & Culture

Our Vision

We aim to be the best, fully-integrated, global agribusiness and consumer product company – the partner of choice

Our Mission

We want to efficiently provide sustainable and superior quality agribusiness and consumer products, solutions and services to create value for all our stakeholders

Our Culture

Our people are the key to our success. We share a strong set of values that are at the heart of our business decisions, every day.

  • Integrity: To put statements or promises into actions so that one can earn the trust of others
  • Positive attitude: To display encouraging behaviour towards the creation of a mutually appreciative and conducive working environment
  • Commitment: To perform our work whole heartedly in order to achieve the best results
  • Continuous improvement: To continuously enhance the capability of self, working unit and organisation to obtain the best results
  • Innovation: To come up with ideas or to create new products/tools/systems that can increase productivity and the Company’s growth
  • Loyalty: To cultivate the spirit of knowing, understanding, and implementing the Company’s core values as part of the SMART family

With these values as our foundation, the essence of our culture demonstrates itself in four ways:

  • Performance: We deliver outstanding results
  • Ownership: We do what is best for the company
  • Collaboration: We work as a team
  • People: We realise our people’s potential