Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (“BOD”) is an organ of the Company that manages business operations to achieve its corporate vision and mission for the best interest of the Company. The BOD is also responsible for representing the Company both within and outside the court of law in accordance with the provisions in the Company’s Articles of Association.

The BOD works in accordance with the Board of Director Charter and the Code of Conduct. The BOD Charter sets out the binding guidelines for every BOD member to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively and in accordance with good corporate governance principles.

In general, the main duties of the BOD are as follows:

  • Managing operations for the best interest of the Company to achieve the Company’s goals;
  • Holding Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) and General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”) in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association as well as prevailing laws and regulations; and
  • In order to support the effectiveness of their duties execution, the BOD could establish a committee.

Based of the Articles of Association, the BOD shall consist of at least three members, whose appointment and dismissal are carried out through the GMS. The term of the BOD shall end at the closing of the fifth AGM after the date of the appointment.

As resolved at the AGM on 9 June 2015, the BOD consists of six members who hold their position until 2020 AGM. One of the BOD members is Independent Director. This is in compliance with the Indonesia Stock Exchange’s regulation, which requires that at least one of the BOD members is an Independent Director.

Currently, the members of BOD are as follow:

Jo Daud Dharsono

President Director

Jimmy Pramono

Vice President Director

DR. ING. Gianto Widjaja


Agus Purnomo


Ir. Lukmono Sutarto

Independent Director