Articles of Association

PT SMART Tbk was established on June 18, 1962 based on Notarial Deed No. 67 of Raden Kadiman, S.H., public notary in Jakarta. The Deed of Establishment was approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia (currently the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia) in its Decision Letter No. J.A.5/115/3 dated August 29, 1963 and was published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 83 dated October 15, 1963, Supplement No. 570. In 1970, the Company obtained approval from the State Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry based on its Decree No. KEP/41/MEKUIN/7/1970 dated July 15, 1970 to change the Company’s status to a Foreign Investment Company (PMA) within the framework of the Foreign Investment Law No. 1 Year 1967. Subsequently, based on the Letter of Approval No. 06/V/1985 dated March 28, 1985 of the Investment Coordinating Board, the Company changed its status from a Foreign Investment Company to a Domestic Investment Company.

The Articles of Association have been amended several times, the latest amendment of which was based on Notarial Deed No. 101 dated June 18, 2015 of Linda Herawati, S.H., public notary in Jakarta, in order to comply with the Financial Services Authority. The amendment has been reported, accepted and recorded in the System Administration database of the Department of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia based on Letter of Receipt of Amendment Notification No. AHU-AH.01.03-0951412 dated July 14, 2015.

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