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The 2020 Tempo Country Contributor Award recognises Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food’s fire prevention efforts

Posted: Dec 11, 2020 2 minute read SMART

Jakarta, 11 December 2020 – The 2020 Tempo Country Contributor Award was given to Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food for its forest and land fire prevention programme, Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA). As part of the assessment process, the jury assessed and acknowledged the programme’s contribution to reduction of forest and land fire in areas where the programme is run.

Since 2018, Tempo has held this award event annually. This year, Tempo expanded the scope of the award to include a new category, i.e. the award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The CSR Award was conferred in five main fields: Environment, Health, Education, Economy and Entrepreneurship and Disaster. is the key to this CSR award, in which the programme must show significant, tangible impacts on the society and also be sustainable.

“Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food is grateful for the award and recognition of its DMPA programme by the jury of the 2020 Tempo Country Contributor Award. Along with the other stakeholders, we will continue to work closely to reduce forest and land fire. Only by working in collaboration can we ensure Indonesia is free of forest and land fire,” said Agus Purnomo, Managing Director for Sustainability at Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food.

“Collaboration and consistency are key to effective forest and land fire prevention,” explained Pak Agus Purnomo, MD for Sustainability of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, in his testimony during the 2020 Tempo Country Contributor Award.

The DMPA programme has proven to be highly successful, especially in Riau and Kalimantan, areas which are high vulnerable to fires.

The programme emphasises the importance of collaboration between local communities and the Company in taking fire prevention measures. It underscores three collaborative and participatory approaches, namely forest and land fire prevention, conservation, and food security.

The stakeholders work together at a community level in response to the issues on hand. We provide technical training for them to learn how to extinguish fires effectively, and also learn about their customs in order to encourage them to farm without land burning.

Since 2016, the DMPA programme has been carried out in 40 villages in provinces such as Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, Bangka, West Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan. More than 1,150 people have participated in fire management training sessions, and volunteered in Masyarakat Siaga Api (MSA) initiative. Addressing issues surrounding the community’s food security, the Company has also introduced farming methods with zero burning to 470 farmers from 22 villages.



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