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How it works: Oil palm trees replanting programme

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) has been at the forefront of Indonesia’s Smallholders Replanting Programme (PSR), which replaces old, unproductive oil palm trees with new ones. Sounds straightforward? Well, not quite. The planting is the easy part … Read More “How it works: Oil palm trees replanting programme”

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Replanting a more productive future

Replanting ageing oil palm trees is a priority in Indonesia. Old trees become less productive, and to maintain or even increase yields to meet the demand for palm oil without increasing land used, replanting is … Read More “Replanting a more productive future”

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Shifting gears for the new normal

People in masks, half-filled offices, and plenty of takeout. This is what normal looks like now, eight months into a year COVID-19 has taken over. This pandemic is no longer new, but the frustration I … Read More “Shifting gears for the new normal”

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The agriculture industry is quite a conservative one – some might call it old fashioned. With the onset of COVID-19, many of our employees have had to adapt to radical changes in their jobs. Work … Read More “Working amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Staying productive in producing sustainable palm oil (Part 1)”

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Fighting COVID-19 through mask-making

The COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions globally is a virus that attacks the human respiratory system and has claimed tens of thousands of lives. As a company employing over 170,000 employees in Indonesia, Sinar Mas Agribusiness … Read More “Fighting COVID-19 through mask-making”

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Spreading knowledge on fire prevention with my jungle friends

When massive forest fires swept Indonesia in 2015, I remember being assigned to a forest fire prevention programme. My main job was to design and run a campaign in communities that would educate them about … Read More “Spreading knowledge on fire prevention with my jungle friends”

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Supporting villages to protect forests

As a responsible producer, GAR wants to ensure that forests and neighbouring villages are well taken care of wherever we operate. This can be tricky sometimes when the villages rely on clearing areas of the … Read More “Supporting villages to protect forests”

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Fostering the spirit of love for others with Tzu Chi Sinar Mas

Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food has been working with humanitarian aid organisation Tzu Chi in Indonesia for over two decades, to care for and help those in need. To increase volunteerism within the company, Chairman … Read More “Fostering the spirit of love for others with Tzu Chi Sinar Mas”

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SMART Scholarship makes Bambang’s parents’ dreams come true

“I hope you can be an assistant in the plantation, I’m praying for you to be an assistant, my son.” Bambang was born in Rantauprapat on 11 July, 1988, and was raised in a modest … Read More “SMART Scholarship makes Bambang’s parents’ dreams come true”

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