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Ricki H Sinaga: SMART Scholarship Programme becomes capital for a real planter

Posted: May 23, 2017 2 minute read Monica Wijayanthy 3182 views
Ricki H Sinaga
Ricki H Sinaga

Education has become a much-needed asset in this modern era, in order to improving one’s skills and quality of life. Ricki H Sinaga, one of the SMART Scholarship graduates, who now works as Swadaya Agronomic Assistant (GKMZ) in East Kalimantan, can testify to that.

In fact, the experience of being able to join the SMART Scholarship Programme in 2007 was something that Ricki had never imagined. Ricki was busy looking for a job in Riau for almost a year when he finally got information about the SMART Scholarship program and was be able to study in one of Indonesia’s leading state universities – Institut Pertanian Bogor.

During college, Ricki obtained various useful lessons such as the basics of agriculture and plantation, management skills, and communication taught by the lecturers who are qualified in the fields. His education gave him new skills in dealing with people ranging from fellow employees, external parties, to the local communities. “Education in college does provide the foundation needed to become a real planter, but managerial and social lessons are the main skills for us to work well in palm oil plantations,” Ricki said.

Together with CEO 3 Suryanto Bun (left), Ricky checks the potential land of community to become partner at our oil palm plantation.

One of Ricki’s most memorable experiences during the SMART Scholarship programme was when he was apprenticing in one of the company’s palm oil plantations in Central Kalimantan. It was a challenge for him to travel by ship regularly at that time. In addition, when he joined the Acceleration Program, the college hours were intense and he had to learn how to manage his time well. He believes the experience has definitely been valuable for his career.

In addition to having knowledge about palm oil plantation, one of the strongest reasons that prompted Ricki to work at PT SMART Tbk after graduating from the SMART Scholarship programme was because his parents are employees at Langga Payung Estate Sinar Mas Plantation 1, North Sumatra. “When I look back, I am so sure that I have made the right decision to continue working at PT SMART Tbk. This company has provided equal career opportunities for all employees, not only for those who graduate from the scholarship programme. We can achieve anything, and it all depends on our ability to work and our loyalty to the company,” Ricki said.

Have you signed up for the SMART Scholarship programme this year? For those who have passed the selection process, find the latest information here

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