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Providing affordable cooking oil through vibrant Bazaar Minyak Goreng

Posted: Jun 08, 2017 1 minute read Monica Wijayanthy 3044 views

Ramadhan is a season that is anticipated by many Indonesians as it is commonly believed to be a month of blessing and a chance for individuals to be better versions of themselves. During this period, consumption rates of several daily items such as cooking oil will increase significantly and as the results retailers raise the cooking oil prices.

As part of our efforts to help local communities in improving their life economically and socially, Sinar Mas initiated Bazaar Minyak Goreng (Cooking Oil Bazaar) to sell FILMA and Kunci Mas cooking oil at discounted prices. This year’s event, themed “Unity in Diversity”, celebrates multiculturalism in Indonesia, and are going to be held in 39 major cities in Java, 5 cities in Sumatra and 1 city in Sulawesi. The series of bazaar are estimated to sell 520.000 liters of cooking oil to the local communities this year, in addition to other products such as biscuits, soft drinks and books.

President Jokowi serving local communities during Bazaar Minyak Goreng.


Corporate Affairs Director APP Suhendra Wiriadinata (left) and Senior Managing Director Sinar Mas Saleh Husin (right) participated in sharing FILMA cooking oil.

Since the very first Cooking Oil Bazaar in 2005, then events have grown and have been held in many big cities and islands throughout Indonesia, such as North Sumatra, Jambi, Riau, Bangka Belitung, West Sumatra, Lampung, Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Denpasar, Makassar, Pontianak, Berau, and Halmahera. As of today, we have already distributed more than 31 million liters of cooking oil.

The series of Cooking Oil Bazaar are also aimed to highlight the importance of cooking oil, as it is locally known as one of the nine basic needs in Indonesian society. Palm oil, one of the most widely used cooking oil in Indonesia, is a national agricultural product and a basic need in Indonesia. As such, it is important that its availability and price are well-maintained and our company produce palm oil through the best sustainable agri-business practices, as we have done and continue to implement until today. Find out more about awards we have succeeded in pursuing through our sustainability practices here.

Get to know Erman, a shopkeeper at Rumbai Market from our Extraordinary Everyday series, who sells FILMA cooking oil.

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