Community Engagement

The cultivation of oil palm brings significant positive impacts for Indonesian society by creating jobs, alleviating poverty, and empowering people to secure a better livelihood for themselves and future generations. At the same time, PT SMART Tbk (SMART) recognises the establishment of plantations can create changes for local communities and indigenous people. A key tenet of our sustainability principles centres on ensuring Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of these communities before any operations begin.

Our commitment to FPIC is embedded within our GAR Social and Environmental Policy (GSEP). This applies to every plantation that SMART owns, manages or invests in regardless of the scale of our involvement. It commits us to ensuring that a decision-making process by the indigenous people and local communities is done without pressure and intimidation (free), performed before an activity that has impact on the surrounding communities is carried out (prior), and with sufficient knowledge about the activity and its impact on the surrounding communities (informed), so they may express agreement or disagreement to such activity (consent).

SMART is also committed to improving its processes and procedures with regards to respecting the customary rights of local and indigenous communities. The active participation and support of these communities is also essential for other aspects of sustainability. We seek to engage local communities in forest conservation, and take an inclusive and collaborative approach to addressing our sustainability challenges through our participatory conservation approach.

Our policies and practices are designed to minimise the likelihood of any conflicts related to our operations. However, when these conflicts do arise, we are committed to working towards a responsible resolution. We have worked with relevant stakeholders to put in place a balanced, accountable, mutually agreed and documented conflict resolution system that is accessible to smallholders, indigenous peoples, rural communities and other parties potentially affected by our operations.