Every child has the right to education to develop skills that will help them shape their future.

PT SMART Tbk (SMART) believes that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and unlocking the potential of Indonesia. SMART is determined to improve access to education for children so they can attend school regularly, close to home. We help build schools, toilets, libraries, and more.

We ensure that each estate has educational facilities from kindergarten to sixth grade schooling, supporting the Indonesian Ministry of Education’s requirement for nine years of compulsory education for every child. We also ensure that each region in which we operate has a junior high school that meets the needs of our employees and local communities.

Children of both permanent employees and casual workers living on our estates receive free education from kindergarten to junior high school and heavily subsidised higher education. Children living around our estates also receive heavily subsidised education at all levels. To further encourage our employees to send their children to school, we provide free school bus services for all students.

Other key education programmes supported by us include:

  • The Sekolah Eka Tjipta programme, a strategic collaboration with Eka Tjipta Foundation to improve the quality of schools on our plantations through innovative teacher training methods and community involvement;
  • The Rumah Pintar programme, with which we establish community learning centres on our plantations that are focused on early childhood education and the education and empowerment of women;
  • Contributions in forms of scholarship programmes to Tjipta Pemuda Bangun Palma, SMART Engineer, SMART Diploma, SMART Planters, other programmes through collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology and Science (ITSB) and the Eka Tjipta Foundation.