As an employer PT SMART Tbk (SMART) knows the importance of a healthy, happy workforce.

The healthcare facilities that we provide for permanent and casual employees, along with their families, is one of the most important positive impacts that SMART operations have on local communities. Since many of our plantations are in remote areas, the clinics that we establish on our estates have a vital role to play in extending access to healthcare.

The medical care that our facilities provide includes pre-employment medical check-ups for new recruits, and special medical check-ups for workers who are exposed to potential health and safety hazards. The medical check-up programme is part of our effort to prevent and treat work-related illnesses through early detection.

We put an emphasis on health problems related to haze. Haze-causing fires are a common situation in rural Indonesia and have a serious impact on the health of the communities that are surrounded by agriculture land. SMART continues to focus on fire prevention through education and invests in effective management and suppression of fires. We are carrying out fire prevention programmes, such as Desa Siaga Api Programme, to create fire-free villages through collaboration with communities, enforcement agencies and NGOs.