This is a special path to get scholarship without undergoing the psychology test and written test, and is based solely on academic and non-academic record. In collaboration with ITSB Campus (Bandung Institute of Technology and Science) Cikarang for a 3-year education programme to attain a Diploma degree (D3) in Palm Oil Processing Technology (D3); and INSTIPER Campus (STIPER Institute of Agriculture) for 4-year education programme to attain a Bachelor degree (S1) in Palm Oil Plantation (S1).

Scholarship coverage:


Pass the medical test

Online registration ( ) : 1 Februari – 12 April 2019
Direct entry to stage II: Interview :  4 – 8 Mei dan 11 – 15 Mei 2020
Stage II result announcement : 1 Juni 2020
Stage III: Medical check up : 2 – 5 Juni 2020
Stage III result announcement : 8 Juni 2020
Administrative registration : Agustus / September 2020