Tzu Chi Scholarship FAQ

What is the Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food International Scholarship Programme?

The International Scholarship Programme is 4-year programme for Senior High School graduates. It is a new programme run jointly by Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, and Tzu Chi University of Science & Technology (TCUST).

What is the course about?

Scholarship participants will be enrolled at TCUST to attain a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. They will be equipped with skills in online marketing and offline distribution management expertise in the agribusiness industry.

How do I apply for this scholarship programme?

You have to fill in a scholarship registration form on Don’t forget to prepare an essay in English or Mandarin on either of these two topics:

1. Describe the challenges the Indonesian agriculture sector faces and how you might contribute to overcoming or solving them?
2. In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to Indonesia through agriculture?
3. Who can apply for this International Scholarship Programme?

All Indonesian citizens who have graduated from Senior High School, have basic skills in English (basic Mandarin is also preferred), a keen interest in the agribusiness industry and/or marketing.

What components are funded by this scholarship?

a. Education (Tuition fee, Registration, Book Money, Internship)
b. Non-Education (Visa Applications, Transportation, Working Permit, Settlement Fee, Medical Insurance, Dormitory, Meals, Living Expenses, Uniform)

Are there any expenses during selection process?

There are no expenses during the selection process, but applicant grantees must prepare their own passport.

Are we allowed to register in two Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food scholarship programmes simultaneously?

Applicants are not permitted to register in two different scholarship programmes at the same time.

What are the consequences if I do not finish this scholarship programme?

Applicant grantees who fail to complete the scholarship programme will be expected to pay back the fees incurred on a pro-rata basis (ie. to cover costs incurred during the period of study completed, up until the student’s withdrawal from the course).

Are there any conditions that can cause termination of the scholarship?

The committe, on behalf of Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, will be entitled to terminate the scholarship at any time, by immediate notice to the scholarship grantee in writing, in the event of

a) Misconduct, whether in connection with your study or otherwise.
b) Failure to make such progress in your study as is considered satisfactory.
c) Circumstances, such as illness, arising which, with your university’s agreement, would render it impossible for you to complete your Scholarship satisfactorily or prevent the purpose of the Scholarship from being fulfilled.
d) Dismissal, for any reason, from your host university.
e) Breach of any local laws and practices.
g) Failure to comply with the conditions of your visa
h) The discovery that you have submitted fraudulent documentation.

How long is the service commitment period?

All applicant grantees need to serve a 5 after graduating from TCUST.

I have already graduated from Senior High School, but at the time of closing registration, my graduate certificate is not yet available. Is it possible if I applied to this scholarship programme using “Surat Keterangan Lulus”?

In this case, you are allowed to use Surat Keterangan Lulus from your school. After passing the selection process, you are required to bring your original graduate certificate.

What is the International Scholarship Programme selection process?

In this case, you are allowed to use Surat Keterangan Lulus from your school. After passing the selection process, you are required to bring your original graduate certificate.

a) Online Registration
b) Administration Screening
c) Academic Potential Test (Mathematical, English, Mandarin)
d) Psychological Test
e) Interview
f) Medical Check Up

Must scores for basic English/Mandarin knowledge be issued from related institutions?

Applicants are able to use their English/Mandarin score from senior high school.

If there are any questions about International Scholarship Programme, is there a hotline or call centre that I can contact?

Please contact Talent Acquisition Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food at +62 21 5015 6789 ext 2113 or 0881 123 8165 (whatsapp messenger).