Author: Beni Wijaya


Celebrating heroines in the field this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner but this year it will be different for me. For the first time I will not be with my mother to celebrate her. I work in Indonesia, but … Read More “Celebrating heroines in the field this Mother’s Day”

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Fighting COVID-19 through mask-making

The COVID-19 pandemic affecting millions globally is a virus that attacks the human respiratory system and has claimed tens of thousands of lives. As a company employing over 170,000 employees in Indonesia, Sinar Mas Agribusiness … Read More “Fighting COVID-19 through mask-making”

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Reigniting community interest in farming

We live in a digital era – where computers and gadgets are a big part of our daily lives. Children are exposed to technology from a young age, and that shapes their perception of the … Read More “Reigniting community interest in farming”

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