On 13 March 2013, together with PT SMART, we announced the implementation of a high carbon stock (HCS) forest conservation pilot project in PT Kartika Prima Cipta, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The purpose of the pilot project is to establish a framework for a successful HCS forest conservation by the broader palm oil industry.

For the purpose of the pilot, the Team (i.e. GAR, PT SMART, The Forest Trust and Greenpeace) defines HCS as comprising BT, HK1, HK2 and HK3 areas. The implementation of the HCS approach will depend on the result of the pilot and after consultations with stakeholders.

During the pilot, the Team continues to engage with the Government of Indonesia, civil society organisations, local and indigenous communities, key growers and other stakeholders in the Indonesian palm oil industry to address the following key success factors:

Under this multi-stakeholder engagement process, the Team seeks to rally all stakeholders to identify HCS areas, develop an enabling legal framework for HCS conservation, and implement measures to conserve HCS.
On 30 October 2013, we published a six-month progress report on the HCS pilot project.